Dr Lisa Kinnear

Head of Academics

Brief profile

Lisa is a partner at Leadership Insight, a KwaZulu-Natal based organisational development (OD) consultancy specialising in leadership coaching, team development and organisational change. She attained her PhD through the UKZN School of Management in 2014 and has a Masters of Management (HR) from Wits Business School. Her doctoral research focused on emerging models of power amongst South African women business leaders.

Lisa has lectured in management faculties and facilitated on executive programmes at Wits Business School, the University of KwaZulu-Natal and the University of Stellenbosch’s Business School. She has recently joined the Toyota Wessels Institute for Manufacturing Studies (TWIMS) in Durban as Head of Academics where she will continue teaching and researching in her field of expertise through the Gordon Institute of Business Science, the provider of formal academic programmes at TWIMS.

Lisa has had corporate experience as a Human Resource Development Manager at De Beers and as an internal Organisational Development Consultant at Investec Bank. She has consulted independently to organisations in Johannesburg and Durban for the past 22 years. 

Contact Lisa

Email: lisa.kinnear@twimsafrica.com

Phone: +27 (0)31 767 5202

In 2006 Lisa co-founded Leadership Insight, a KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) based organisational development consultancy. Leadership Insight’s focus is on developing leadership capacity and alignment in organisations through team processes and individual leadership coaching. Lisa has designed and implemented leadership development initiatives for numerous KZN based medium-sized businesses, corporations and non-governmental organisations, spanning the sugar, forestry, packaging, manufacturing, health services, software development and education sectors. Lisa’s aim is to deepen leadership capacity within organisations by ensuring the growth, alignment and success of both the individual and the organisation. Individual coaching is process-oriented allowing for deep self-reflection through narrative analysis, debrief of feedback, action learning and emphasis on strengths. Team based development workshops use a number of facilitation and reflection methodologies such as action learning, open space technology, appreciative inquiry, storytelling and group feedback processes. Individual coaching and team processes are designed within an OD framework to ensure that changes in individual and team behaviours are anchored and supported in the organization.

Lisa believes in the integration of the rigour of science and the intuition of the arts as a methodology for approaching organisational development. She is passionate about creating space for reflection to enable deep meaningful learning for individuals and teams. Lisa is inspired by the stories of the people she gets to work with and their commitment to make a difference in their sphere of influence.


  • BA, HDE
  • PhD
  • Masters of Management (HR) 

Published research (articles/ conference papers/ book chapters/ books):

  • Determinants of Organisational Commitment amongst Knowledge Workers, in South African Journal of Business Management, 2000, co-authored with Dr M Sutherland. This won a gold medal award for best research article of the year.
  • Leadership Coaching as a Driver Of Successful Organisational Change in Small Businesses: A Case Study, in Journal of Contemporary Management, Volume 10, 2013, co-authored with Dr K Ortlepp and A Karadis
  • Emerging Models of Power Among South African Women Business Leaders. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology, 42, nov. 2016, co-authored with Dr K. Ortlepp
  • Applying duoethnography to position researcher identity in management research in S A Journal of Human Resources Management, July 2019, co-authored with Dr S Rugganun
  • Currently collaborating as co-author of a book chapter for an International Publication, Women Courageous, commissioned by Emerald Publishing

 Consulting Involvement:

  • Development of leadership capacity and emotional intelligence in individuals through the process of individual coaching, using process-oriented methodologies:
    • Facilitated contracting and debrief sessions with line managers
    • Life narrative analysis
    • Myers-Briggs assessment feedback debrief
    • 360 qualitative feedback debrief
    • Action learning using coachee’s experiences and coachee’s feedback
    • Goal setting and action planning
  • Team alignment and development through:
    • Visioning and value sharing workshops
    • Role clarification workshops
    • Peer feedback processes
  • Design of leadership development programmes, including
    • Needs analysis for customised approach
    • Design of learning process and curriculum
    • Workshops based on organisational behaviour and leadership theories
    • Coaching to facilitate personal leadership growth and application of theories
    • Implementation of mentorship support to ensure transfer of learning
  • Facilitation of cultural change processes within organisations, including
    • Strategic review and planning sessions
    • Organisational design and consultation processes
    • Team alignment processes within and between teams
    • Development of leadership, HR and change agent capacity

Clients include large corporates such as Investec, Discovery Health, Mondi, Illovo as well as medium sized companies, educational institutions and NGO’s.

Significant Achievements:

  • Doctoral Research Grant Award for research on “A Critical Analysis of the Emerging Models of Power amongst South African Women Business Leaders” – 2010
  • Best Research Article for research publication in “South African Journal of Business” – 2001
  • Anglovaal Limited Prize for the best MM (Human Resources) Student – 1999