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TWIMS Telegraph October 2020

by | Dec, 2020

MBA Lecture

The industry has changed 

By now we are all tired of hearing the word “COVID-19” but we cannot ignore the effects it has had on our industry. As we change the way we work and the way firms hire isn’t it time you invested in yourself and secured your future?

“Become addicted to constant and never-ending self-improvement”
– Anthony J. D’Angelo

Manufacturing Ambassadors Scholarship
Application deadline 31st October 23:59

In order to realise the TWIMS vision of an industrialised Africa built on world-class manufacturing capabilities, we have partnered with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) to offer the GIBS MBA (manufacturing focus). This prestigious qualification is delivered exclusively at TWIMS’ state-of-the-art campus in Kloof, Durban. This degree will equip individuals with the skills needed to lead with confidence in any manufacturing environment.

TWIMS is acutely aware of the complex operating environment facing South African based manufacturers and acknowledges that many deserving individuals are unable to pursue the GIBS MBA (manufacturing focus) due to financial constraints. In response to this challenge, TWIMS is honoured to announce that it is able to offer such individuals the opportunity to apply for the Manufacturing Ambassador Scholarship. As the result of a generous endowment from the Toyota South Africa Educational Trust, TWIMS will be able to fund up to 20 Manufacturing Ambassador scholarships annually from 2021. The scholarships will cover up to 70% of student tuition and global module expenses, and all residency costs at TWIMS during block release and exam periods.

This scholarship is open to all South African citizens and dependant on acceptance into the GIBS MBA programme.

Lean Operations Management
20th – 22nd Oct |  Price: 12000

“Lean isn’t lean if it doesn’t involve everyone” – John Shook

Lean operations management is not a checklist of items but rather about creating a culture of constant improvement and waste reduction in our businesses. The TWIMS Lean Operations Management short course is designed to equip the manufacturing leader with the tools necessary to critically evaluate your processes, understand how lean could affect your production and how to inspire a lean culture within your teams.

During this three day course, we will explore lean theory and use factory based case studies to apply our learnings to real environments.

Join us for one of TWIMS’s most popular courses either online or on our Kloof campus.

Lean Supply Chain Management
27th – 29th Oct |  Price: 12000

Our businesses exist in a complex web of customers and suppliers that span cities, countries, and continents. Lean supply chain management recognises our position in the value chain and the opportunities that exist when we work with other stakeholders both up and down the value chain.

This course focuses on the leadership and operations management challenges of extending lean manufacturing capabilities through supply chains. It explores the global value stream within which firms operate and uses real-world examples to explore how leading firms within complex value streams have successfully supported lean development within their supply and customer bases – for mutual competitiveness benefit. The modalities of lean supply chain management are explored in the course, including supply chain measurement, value chain waste identification, Just In Time processes, Supplier Quality Assurance, delivery reliability, and continuous improvement.

Join us either online or on our Kloof campus.

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