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Overcoming the challenges requires multifaceted leadership

by | Jun, 2023


Dr Lisa Kinnear, Academic Director, Toyota Wessels Institute for Manufacturing Studies was approached by Anthony Sharpe, editor of the SundayTimesZA Manufacturing Magazine to comment on leadership resilience in the manufacturing sector.

Dr Lisa Kinnear comments that conscious, community-orientated leadership drives resilience of the manufacturing ecosystem.

“In January, economist Dr Roelof Botha published a refreshingly optimistic article about the resilience of the South African manufacturing sector. To be fair, to manufacture anything in South Africa, you must be resilient. The ability to recover from setbacks is an essential part of life in a country beset by power cuts, crime, corruption, impotent leadership, inflation, you name it. In this issue of Manufacturing, we look at research that shows resilience is actually a great predictor of future success, but it requires leadership that is conscious of how their responses to crises affect others.”

You can read Dr Lisa Kinnear’s article here:

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