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Competitive Strategies for Manufactures Masterclass – 5 Oct 2023

by | Aug, 2023

Course Overview

In an era of worldwide economic instability, the survival and competitiveness of manufacturing companies depend on their practices and capabilities to adapt to external environments, which are attributed to changes in customer preferences, government regulations, technology and competitors. This strategic alignment of internal resources and external market requirements enables not only survival, but also competitiveness. Manufacturing strategies determine the deployment of resources to build capabilities for creating and sustaining costs and product advantages in order to maintain a high level of profitability and strong market position. This reflects the ability to successfully define their scope, to manage and coordinate the core functions and operations within the enterprise as well as relationships with suppliers and customers, and to respond to market demand. All too often, in the daily pressure of achieving short-term financial results, managers lose sight of long-term goals. This TWIMS Masterclass is key to ensuring that companies remain on track to reach these goals is the existence of a clear and focused business strategy. In today’s world, where nothing is predictable and unfamiliar competitors emerge from unexpected directions at the worst possible time, a company should think of itself as a collection of evolving capabilities, not just as a collection of products and businesses, which provide the flexibility needed to embark in new directions. Corporate strategy must provide a framework for guiding the selection, development, and exploitation of these capabilities. Since many of the capabilities with the greatest competitive value reside in a company’s manufacturing organization, corporate strategy must become much more explicit about, and reliant on, manufacturing considerations than in the past.

Course Cost

The Masterclass costs R4 260 per participant. This is fully inclusive of all refreshments, teas and includes lunch over one day, as well as stationery. The cost excludes accommodation.

Venue and Accommodation

The Masterclass is run at the TWIMS campus, 74 Everton Road, Kloof. The day starts at 8:30 and concludes at 16:30. Accommodation is available on-site at an additional cost. Please visit the TWIMS website ( for further details.



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