Breakfast Seminar Videos

Getting value from the hype of AI. Presented by Michael Grant

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is dominating technical news reporting: from reported improvements in medical diagnoses, automated trading, right through to improved process control. Modern executives increasingly need to discern the correct technology to add to their collection in order to improve their businesses. This talk aims to share a simple framework to extract value from this technology and some exciting results from recent machine learning discoveries.

Additive Manufacturing- Hype vs Reality Presented by Dr Hein Moller

Globally there is a lot of noise surrounding industry 4.0 and additive manufacturing (AM) specifically. But what is the reality? How will additive manufacturing really affect your business and can it live up to all the hype? Dr Hein Möller, one of South Africa’s leading AM experts, as seeks to dispel the common misconceptions of AM in this breakfast seminar.



Demystifying Industry 4.0 Presented by Prof. Justin Barnes

The South African manufacturing community is being bombarded with noise about the consequences of Industry 4.0. Hype and hyperbole abound. However, what is the real state of play in respect of the use of big data, machine learning, digital twinning, virtual recognition, IOT, additive manufacturing, and smart materials in manufacturing? What should South African manufacturers be preparing for? And how should they respond? In this breakfast seminar Prof Barnes attempts to demystify Industry 4.0 challenges for South African manufacturers.