Our Campus

The TWIMS campus is part 21st century build and associated technology, and part refurbished historical grandeur.

Campus Story

TWIMS was born out of Crowhurst Manor. The original homestead was built at the turn of the 20th Century by Sir Guy Hulett. The second owners were Sir William and Lady Firth who named Crowhurst after their Elizabethan homestead in Surrey, England. Built with stones found on the property, the central section of the main Manor House was designed by Vita Coppola in the early 1970s. According to Coppola, the style of the building was influenced by English Country life and the request of the owners at the time, Joan and Bruno Lilje, to have a castle-type effect for the overall concept.

As a protected heritage building, the exterior of the original manor house has been left untouched by the conversion to TWIMS. The magical transformation to a 21st Century manufacturing management institute has been crafted around the majesty of the period work, with even interior changes in the manor house kept to a minimum wherever possible. The auditorium behind the manor house has however been designed to be boldly futuristic, entirely keeping with the campus’ overall theme of representing the “best of both worlds”.

Campus Tours

Campus tours are available by appointment only.

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Campus Facilities


Relaxation, meditation, hard work, exercise & fulfilment


Sandboxes, Computer facilities & resource center


Relaxation, meditation, hard work, exercise & fulfilment


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Relaxation, meditation, hard work, exercise & fulfilment