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24 – 26 May & 2 June 2022 | R16,000 ex VAT


The course explores and unpacks the foundational elements of Lean Operations and solidifies the thinking that integrating lean strategies into the operations management system is a fundamental foundational requirement. The underlying culture and value systems imbued within lean operations management is explored, including the characteristics of lean leadership which are pertinent to the success of entrenching lean practices and behaviours into organisations.

The exploration of lean execution case studies and examples from across the globe are delved into with both lean successes and failures discussed and challenged. The various elements of Lean Operations Management are then systematically unpacked; from effective problem solving and improvement (Kaizen), Just in Time, Total Quality Management and Total Productive Maintenance. The 14 principles of Likers 4 P model, elements of Hoshin Kanri as well as the Lean Leadership Diamond Model, is also explored and engaged on.

These learnings are consolidated through a series of lean simulation games and a factory-based exercise on the afternoon of the 26th of May 2022. The exercise leads to a learning and reflection day on the 2nd of June 2022, where participants will present their lean improvement ideas from the factory visit in syndicated teams. This last day is delivered via an online platform. Using the insights developed throughout the course, lean operations management processes are reviewed and scrutinised, providing course participants with interrogation skills that can be taken back into their organisations for honing and further development.

At the end of the course, participants will have secured a substantially deeper strategic, contextual and practical understanding of Lean Operations Management opportunities and challenges and the central importance of leadership to successful lean implementation. Participants who attend all four days of the course, and who successfully complete the assignment, will earn a TWIMS Lean Operations Management Certificate.