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16 – 18 &  26 August 2022 | R16,000 ex VAT

The key elements of lean supply chain management are explored, and the underlying benefits of using lean supply chain management methodologies as an effective management system are unpacked.  We delve into foundational lean philosophies and processes such as JIT, TQM, Kaizen and Lean Leadership and why the aligned adoption of these fundamentals are critical to creating flow through value chains. The Lean supply chain management Partnership Hierarchy model is explored in detail, including vendor management and vendor development approaches. The use of Enterprise-level Value Stream Mapping as the primary tool to unpack and explore the opportunities for competitiveness improvement within supply chains is shared.

The first three days of the course cover these key tenants via seminar, brainstorming and case study exploration. The course then considers the application of these methodologies, and the associated competitiveness advances secured, via a factory visit. An immersive game simulation is incorporated into the programme, to ensure that learnings are applied and actualised. Participants then present their lean supply chain management improvement ideas from the factory visit in syndicated teams on Day 4 (a week later via online engagement).  A consolidation session follows, concluding with a personal reflection exercise and a review of the major learnings to have emerged from the course.