Strategising for Disruptive Change

Dates: 26, 29 May, 2, 5, 9, 12 June
Free to members of the TWIMS community

Re-energise, re-focus, and remember why

you love working in the manufacturing sector!

Following the success of its inaugural free online course, TWIMS is delighted to invite all members of its community to participate in another rendition of the course. Comprising six engagement sessions, along with a set of readings and short assignments, we have designed the course for Executives and Senior Managers in the South African manufacturing and broader manufacturing services sector that would like to think beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, and to be reminded of the broader opportunities and challenges framing the future of the manufacturing sector.  While we fully appreciate the magnitude of the business disruption being caused by Covid-19’s rapid global spread and the deep crisis that most South African manufacturers and their suppliers are facing, we believe there is still tremendous value in focusing on the longer-term strategic issues that are likely to continue disrupting the world of manufacturing. 

Moreover, we believe that that many of the Executives and Senior Managers that TWIMS works with would be delighted to have their attention refocused on constructive, positive opportunities emerging from the rapid evolution of the technology frontier, green economy issues, Africa’s economic development, and the emergence of business models requiring new leadership approaches. We believe that the short breaks required for participation in the course may in fact be helpful for the quality of how the immediate crisis is managed.

Applications are closed. Please fill in your details below to hear about our next online course.