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TWIMS Sustainable Finance


25th to 27th October 2022 | R12,000 

Globally organisations are being forced to disclose and report extensively on their triple bottom line which has given rise to the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) reporting frameworks. This framework is based on the ideology of organisations that prioritise sustainability being more resilient in the long term. The Sustainable Finance Executive Short Course explores the role of sustainable finance in transitioning organisations to becoming resilient operations. For this to occur business operations and financial management at all levels of an organisation need to be reconstructed and rethought. This course adds to the sustainability discourse by examining theories around investment principles, ESG, finance metrics and shareholder return timeframes. This course allows participants to engage critically with sustainable finance tools and metrics as well as green taxonomies. The purpose of the course is to create the space for executives to explore sustainable finance principles and multidisciplinary frameworks which may be relevant to their own organisations.  The course will provide participants with theoretical and practical tools to allow them to critically engage with sustainable finance constructs particularly pertaining to sustainable business and investment analysis.