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MBA Scholarship Application

Complete the application below. 

Scholarship Application

This is a four-part form;
Section 1: Qualification criteria checklist
Section 2: Biographical information
Section 3: Basic CV information
Section 4: Uploads

Please read the below instructions before you submit your application for consideration.

1. Closing date for bursary applications is midnight 25 November 2022.

2. Only applicants that have applied for the GIBS MBA (manufacturing focus) programme will be considered for the TWIMS MAS.

3. Only South African citizens qualify for the TWIMS MAS.

4. Please ensure your motivation letter is typed in no more than 500 words and Industrialisation essay is typed in no more than 1,000 words. Motivation letters and essays not meeting this requirement will not be considered.

5. Applications received after the closing date, which is midnight 25 November 2022, will not be considered.

Feedback in regard to the awarding of the scholarship will be approximately 10 days after the closing date.

Please fill in this form only ONCE.

This application should take 15 minutes to complete if you have all of your documents (2-page CV, 500-word motivational letter, and 1,000-word industrialisation essay) ready.

You may save and continue later. However, incomplete forms will not be considered for the scholarship application.